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“Particularly strong are Kate Konigisor as Ellen, [the] mother, so completely at ease in her housedress, smarter than her children think, though maybe distracted and imperfect, as moms tend to be…[and] Zach Bissell [Georgie]…Between them, they paint a genuine portrait of a family facing a tense moment…I was moved by the subtly of their characterizations.  They felt grounded and real.”
The Chronicle, August 7, 2014

“It is now 1977, and the twice-widowed matriarch, Ellen (Kate Konigisor, strong and believable), is preparing to sell the tavern.”
Albany Times Union, August 7, 2014

Buffalo, NY Artie Award Winners 2011

KATHARINE CORNELL AWARDS FOR VISITING ARTISTS were given to Sally Struthers, who appeared at Artpark and to Kate Konigisor, who played the title role in the award-winning Shakespeare in Delaware Park production of the Scottish play.

Outstanding Production of a Play

Macbeth, Shakespeare in Delaware Park

Macbeth (All-female)

Shakespeare in Delaware Park
“As Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, Kate Konigisor and Josie DiVincenzo ably play out the fateful power relationship of conflicted puppet and unhinged manipulator. Konigisor bounds from confidence to self-doubt and back — her delivery of Shakespeare’s famed ‘Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow’ soliloquy is particularly excellent.”
Buffalo News

“The current Macbeth allows the character some room to reflect upon his action. He may still have a tiger by the tail, but this Macbeth — played with great sensitivity by New York-based actor Kate Konigisor — stops to smell the roses before he chops them down. The “to-morrow and to-morrow and to-morrow” speech, spoken as Macbeth nears his denouement, illustrates that this is no mere cardboard cut-out puppet here. Choices, mostly bad ones, were made and these are the consequences. Very, very well done.”
Buffalo Rising

Lost in Yonkers, TheatreVirginia

“…Bella, played with heartbreaking conviction and transcendent beauty by Kate Konigisor” “…an exhilarating lead performance…” “Kate Konigisor is extraordinarily funny and moving as the simple-minded, but big-hearted Bella.”
-Richmond Times-Dispatch

“What’s the proper nominating procedure for the Phoebe Awards, Richmond’s version of the Tony Awards? I herewith nominate…for best actress…Kate Konigisor for her heartrending portrayal of Bella…”
-Style Weekly

Shirley Valentine, Gretna Theatre

“Kate Konigisor is the triumphant star of this one-woman tour de force…Konigisor slips into the role of Shirley like a hand to a glove…What’s so great about Konigisor’s performance is that it isn’t a performance. She just is Shirley.
-New Era

“Kate Konigisor…faces a formidable challenge…It’s not just that she has to hold the stage alone, creating not just one character but all the supporting characters…It’s not easy for a performer to create a world on her own. But Konigisor succeeds in doing it.”
-Patriot News

Picasso at the Lapine Agile, TheatreVirginia

“Kate Konigisor really makes something of the bartender’s mistress, but [others] do the expected.”
-Richmond Times-Dispatch

The Lion in Winter (Eleanor of Aquataine), Surflight Theatre

“…if an actor can create the intimacy and realism of a film performance while projecting her voice to the back of the theatre, making us forget the artificiality of the theatre and do it all (to put it in film terms) only in long shots and no retakes – well, then, that’s a great actor. Konigisor is a great actor.”
– The Beach Comber

Steel Magnolias, The Fireside Theatre

Kate Konigisor made [M’Lynn] her very own with depth and understanding and naturalness.
Beloit Daily News

Spider’s Web, All Souls Players

“The soul of the performance is Kate Konigisor as Clarissa Hailsham‑Brown…Glowing with flirtatious beauty and joie de vivre, her energy and confidence on stage draw together and draw out cast members who come into their own the more they interact with her.”
The New York Law Journal

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare in Delaware Park

“A very strong cast. I really liked Titania!”
WBFO, National Public Radio

Othello, The West End Theatre Company

“Kate Konigisor [opposite Austin Pendleton] is a warm, endearing Emilia.”
The New York Times

Macbeth, Judith Shakespeare

“…the strongest performance…came from Kate Konigisor as Lady Macbeth. {Her} Lady M. is flirtatious and sexual when greeting her husband after his victorious return. When Macbeth wavers, she grows impatient and calculatingly plays on the whereabouts of his masculinity. She becomes quietly sad, as she sees him turn away from her to his private machinations. All in all, an intelligent, well-modulated, well-spoken performance.”
Theater Week

Romeo and Juliet, The Colonial Theatre

“Kate Konigisor’s performance as Lady Capulet is fully realized and striking.”
The Providence Motif

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