Austin Pendleton:

“I’ve worked with Kate Konigisor twice. The first time I played Iago to her Emilia in Othello. She’s one of the best Emilia’s I’ve ever seen. Then I worked with her in a reading of a play I wrote, Booth. Since I had written the play, directed the reading, and, as they say, agreed to star I had the opportunity to work with her from all three of these perspectives, and from all of them she was a dream to work with.

So: she’s a dream to work with. She has presence. She has talent to burn. She has craft. What is there left? I recommend her so highly.”

George Black:

(Producing Artistic Director, ret., TheatreVirginia)

“Kate is smart and quick–a delight in rehearsals and a wonderful presence onstage. She has the instinct to find the heart of a character and the skill to bring it to life in performance. In my dream repertory theater company, there will always be a place reserved for Kate!”

Eileen Dugan:

(Shakespeare in Delaware Park)

“I was the director for Shakespeare in Delaware Park’s all female production of Macbeth, with Kate in the title role. She was everything I could hope for in our leading role. She brings to rehearsal a wonderful command of the language, as well as technique, experience, and professionalism. I enjoyed the process of discovery with this gifted actor—Kate takes direction, is wonderfully responsive and willing to try anything, but she also brings her own work to the process—-shares ideas, stands up for her point of view, is honest in sharing her thoughts and feelings. I felt a real partnership in working with her.”

Steve Satta:

(Director & Towson Univesity Theatre Professor)

“Kate Konigisor is, without a doubt, an actor’s actor. She is talented and courageous, with a sharp mind and a keen curiosity. Working with Kate is stimulating and fun. Watching her perform is glorious.”

Justin Scutieri

(Independent Film Director)

“Kate made the director/actor relationship practical. She was my Che Guevara during the guerrilla filmmaking process that was my Independent Film. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

Terry Rabine

(Artistic Director of the Lake Theatre, Lake George, NY)

“I had the pleasure of working with Kate Konigisor on our 2014 production of LAKE EFFECT  original title of Tom Dudzick’s (LAST MASS AT ST. CASIMIR’S) where she was cast in the lead role of Ellen Pazinski, the family matriarch. I found Kate to be an actress of great ability, congenial and a performer who “plays well with others”. She is a masterful performer with impressive technique, an ability to listen, to adjust her work when directed and, perhaps most importantly, a smart actress who understands the subtleties of characterization. I would also add that our company runs a single production for 13 weeks with 7-8 shows per week and Kate was, throughout the entire run, friendly, professional, always on time and prepared, patient and she brought many great ideas to the table. Her performance was always fresh throughout the unusually long run. I would not hesitate to hire her again if an appropriate role were available. I’m also happy to discuss Kate’s work with any prospective producer/director via email at or by phone at (518) 306-4404. I highly recommend Kate and can say with all certainty that she would be an asset to your production.”

Steve Steiner:

(Artistic Director Surflight Theatre to 2010)

“Over the course of my tenure as Artistic Director at Surflight Theatre in New Jersey, Kate Konigisor was one of my “go-to” actors. Kate could play everything from broad comedy (Maria in Lend Me a Tenor or Virginia Noyes in It’s Only a Play) to an extremely nuanced, completely realistic character (Eleanor in The Lion in Winter or Kate in Broadway Bound). While I fully believe in looking for roles to stretch actors beyond their comfort zone, this is a difficult task with Kate as she has been comfortable in every role she played for me, and the results were terrific. She did a total of eight shows for me, and each character she played was completely unique from the other seven.”

Kevin Ash:

(Artistic Director of the Labyrinth Theatre, Dallas)

“In my 30 years of directing in the theatre, I have come back time and again to Kate. She is always a consummate professional and an actress who’s performances wow the crowds and critics alike. She enlivens my productions and gives them character and style.”

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